It is well-known and prominent to anyone across the globe that women change after giving birth and becoming mothers. But does anyone ever wonder if the same happens to men when becoming fathers? Recent studies across the globe come here now to confirm this hypothesis.

In other words, being a father is the same biological phenomenon as being a mother. 

Testosterone dips down by a crucial amount on the first level. As everybody knows, testosterone is the “male” hormone that defines men’s development. Of course, you will not lose your masculinity whit the arrival of your kid(s). Research says that fathers with lower testosterone percentages tend to release essential hormones, like oxytocin and dopamine, while interacting with their kids. The conclusion is the following; when a man interacts and spends quality time with their child (ren), not only do they come closer to each other, but also it is an opportunity of releasing a neurochemical reaction of happiness and warmth. 

In addition to this, the brain also seems to change. These changes have to do with the brain’s structure so men can prepare themselves for becoming parents, for instance, “attachment, nurturing, empathy and the ability to interpret and react appropriately to a baby’s behavior.” 

In any case, these are micro changes that only can be spotted by the experts and are not so apparent to the human eye and behavior. Nevertheless, fatherhood has only to offer positive vibes to men, according to the findings mentioned above. 

Source: Adapted by “How men’s bodies change when they become fathers” by Anna Machin, 15th April 2020