May 20, 2021 will go down in history as the day of redemption when, after almost 40 years, an injustice against most children of separated parents was restored. An injustice that prevented children from having one parent in their daily lives even though that parent was not deceased and was still alive. After this recent reform, separated parents seem to be much more relief and that their rights were set justly.

Some of the reforms can be found below. According to the updated law;

  • “Where custody is exercised by one parent or has been shared between the parents, decisions on the child’s naming, religion, health issues other than urgent and current ones, as well as education issues that have a decisive impact on the child’s future, are taken jointly by both parents.”
  • “…The parent with whom the child resides must facilitate and promote communication between the child and the other parent on a regular basis. The child’s contact time in physical presence with the parent with whom he or she does not reside shall be presumed to be one-third (1/3) of the total time, unless that parent requests a shorter contact time, or a shorter or longer contact time is required for reasons relating to living conditions or the best interests of the child, provided that, in any event, the child’s daily life is not disrupted. Exclusion or restriction of contact shall be possible only for exceptionally serious reasons, where the parent with whom the child does not reside is considered unfit to exercise the right of contact…”
  • “…Parents shall not have the right to prevent the child’s communication with third parties who have developed a socio-emotional relationship of a family nature with the child, provided that such communication is in the child’s best interests.”

All in all, after this new regulation, parents feel that they have succeed in this just and holy struggle for the rights of their children.